Homeless in Bellingham Film Project

An Introduction to Homeless in Bellingham


The following episodes are listed in order from newest to oldest.

Season 2 – Episode #7: I Went to College

After a job-related injury that results in a permanent disability, Alana and her child found themselves without adequate income to retain their housing. In this episode we see how a little help from the community can help a single mom redefine her life, and find her way back to a pathway out of poverty.
Featured partners: Opportunity Council, Dorothy Place, WorkSource, The Beauty Institute


Season 2 – Episode #6: The Trifecta: Mental Illness, Addiction and Homelessness

Mental illness and addiction, combined with homelessness create a “trifecta” of barriers that prevent many people in our community from obtaining stable, affordable housing. In this episode, we meet resilient people in recovery who are benefiting from community-based services that comprise a continuum of care that increases opportunities for housing stability and pathways to prosperity.
Featured partners: Lake Whatcom Treatment Center PACT Team, Catholic Community Services Recovery Center and Homeless Housing Case Management, Opportunity Council Homeless Outreach Team


Season 2 – Episode #5: I Could Be Ready

We first met Laura in Season 2, Episode #1, “Cold, Dirty, and Scary”. In this episode, Laura moves into her first home in years.
Featured partners: Catholic Community Services, Catholic Housing Services, Opportunity Council


Season 2 – Episode #4: Homeless Persons’ Memorial

Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville proclaims December 21, 2015, a day of memorial for people who have died prematurely due to their experience of homelessness. Around 200 people gathered to pay their respects and to honor their fallen neighbors. In her remarks, the Mayor reaffirms the community’s commitment to end homelessness.


Season 2 – Episode #3: Cliff

After 42 years, a homeless veteran receives an honorable discharge and finds his home with a little help from his community.
Featured partners: Molina Healthcare, Opportunity Council, Catholic Community Services, Love INC, The American Legion, Sea Mar


Season 2 – Episode #2: Companions on My Journey

Three formerly homeless LGBTQ youth from Northwest Youth Services collaborated in an improvisational theater workshop to tell their stories.
Featured partner: Northwest Youth Services


Season 2 – Episode #1: Cold, Dirty and Scary

Bellingham Police and Parks Department employees share their views on the problem of homeless encampments. Opportunity Council’s new Homeless Outreach Team ventures into the encampments to offer help.
Featured partners: Bellingham Police and Parks Departments, Opportunity Council


Season 1 – Episode #5: Drive-by Lunch

Volunteers Theresa and Bonnie take us on a tour from hopelessness to housing. Along the way, we hear diverse perceptions of homelessness from Downtown Bellingham stakeholders, police officers, local government, and people who are homeless.
Featured partners: Catholic Community Services, Hope House Street Outreach, Bellingham Police, Downtown Bellingham Partnership, Whatcom County Health Department, Opportunity Council


Season 1 – Episode #4: The Other One Percent

We learn how homelessness affects our community from healthcare experts, a housing provider, an emergency responder, a corrections official, and an emergency room doctor. We meet a military veteran with serious medical conditions who cannot escape the trap of homelessness. We also discover that stable housing can provide the foundation for improved physical and mental health, and, in the process, save enormous amounts of public expenditures.
Featured partners: Interfaith Community Health Clinic, Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement, Catholic Community Services, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, Lydia Place, City of Bellingham


Season 1 – Episode #3: Rough Draft

An individual’s inner strengths combined with a supportive, caring housing program create pathways back to a meaningful life in our community.
Featured partner: Sun Community Service


Season 1 – Episode #2: That’s the Way it’s Happened for Me

Ed didn’t know that he was just one injury and one foreclosure from homelessness. Unable to work for a living, he continues to help others with their recovery.


Season 1 – Episode #1: The Ballad of Ferni Sanchez

A U.S. Army veteran and native Bellinghamster shows us that – surprisingly – almost anyone can lose their housing. Her resilience, determination, and supportive housing help her back on the paths to stability and prosperity.
Featured partners: Opportunity Council, Bellingham Housing Authority, Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing program


We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our video series sponsors:

Opportunity Council
United Way of Whatcom County
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Interfaith Community Health Center
Janet Simpson, in memory of Lucyle Glover Hargis Strange
RiverStyx Foundation
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