Eat For Opportunity

What the partnership between the WHSC and Bayou on Bay can do for our community.

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Remembering Our Neighbors

Notes on Homeless Persons' Memorial Day, December 21, 2016.

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Project Homeless Connect and the Lesson of Understanding

Project Homeless Connect is a yearly event in which service providers, volunteers, and community members gather at Bellingham High School to provide various services such as meals, health screenings, benefits and housing applications, access to ID cards, haircuts, and professional photography. At this year's event, "understand" was one participant's quote of the day.

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The Other 1%

In the latest episode of the film series, "Homeless in Bellingham", we learn how chronic homelessness affects our community.

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Queer Youth Project

Recommendations on serving LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness.

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Counted No More

What did we learn from our latest homeless census?

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Season One: Humanity

Can perceptions of people who are homeless be changed, or are we hard-wired to perceive them as sub-human?

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